Created specifically for our Facebook community, "GOO NEWS" featured video content/updates. This was crucial to help our followers be up-to-date as the Goopocalypse unfolded.

OOH across Canada:

 Billboard in Dundas Square, Toronto

Interview in BRAIN magazine:


Cadbury Screme Eggs

To launch Cadbury Screme Eggs we pitted Cadbury’s favourite Easter treats against their ghoulish Halloween brethren, and watched as the Goopocalypse played out.

The campaign has been ranked as one in the Top 30 Ads of the Year, featured on DevourFast Company and Creativity, as well as in the highly influential Japanese design magazine BRAIN.  It has also been recognized in Lürzer's Archive, Applied Arts, and has received props for its integrated social media creative. 

The Goopocalypse has truly become a global epidemic. The campaign can now be seen in the UK, New Zealand and Australia.